I am Valerie Hoagenson

I facilitate total healing for business owners to improve revenue and productivity

Having been someone who has personally struggled with low energy, body aches and pains, and brain fog that hindered my performance and revenue in business and my career I set forward on a journey to learn how to heal through that. I want to show you how to do the same.

About Me.

I always get weirded out a bit when making websites that have an "about me" section as the fact you took time from your day to look at this page is super humbling and at the same time makes me really excited to get to know you.

With that out of the way.... how much time do you have? lol


I grew up on a 100 cow dairy farm in west central wisconsin. I was up before sunrise E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y to feed and milk cows and calves. I also learned how to drive a tractor at 11 years old. I remember always being a dreamer and knowing this life could be magical, fun, romantic, and beautiful. Into my teen years I started to party and drink for fun. I only knew this to be a way to being free and fun through a jug of alcohol. This became a problem when at 21 years old as I laid in bed questioning my life purpose barley with enough energy to milk the cows that afternoon while laying with such a sore back I could hardly move.  


I was so average at school graduating with a 3.1 GPA from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a Degree in Animal Science and minor in crop and food science emphasis in poultry management and the same in high school. I always got a tutor because school was a little more difficult for me. In elementary I needed to be put in "special reading" groups since I was a little slower but even in those groups I wasn't the "worst".

Something I could claim to be great at was sports. I remember winning an arm wrestling 💪 competition against one of the strongest boys in my grade on the elementary school bus. I was decent at shot put in HS track. With not much care or effort I almost went to state every year. Maybe it was all the raw milk🥛 and shoveling cow feed I did.

You guys I'm basically a walking white female Shrek, strong, big hearted, but not that smart.🤷‍♀️ I didn't enjoy thinking about logistics and math but because of my experience keeping farm animals alive since as farm back since I could walk. 👩‍🌾

Today, I do know now how to eat, sleep, work, and be a good daughter, friend, and wife because I was cared about those things being the best and figured it out and working on this so I could be at least content and not have an extremely sore body in a natural and holistic way from mostly google resources, studying dozens of books on holistic health, AA, an amazing chiropractor, yoga teachers, and business mentor.👩‍💻

I can safely say "I figured life out!!😊👍👍" after spending more money on my health and well being in the past decade than on my college education.


So my next thought is, 🤔 if me, (remember not that smart, basically Shrek and 1.6 GPA my first semester in college) can figure out how to live content most of the time and usually blissed out AF but not the majority of the rest of the world⁉️ ⁉️

It's because like I did at one time put trust of health and happiness into a bad system.😓 A system where there is ludacris side effects, where there is corruption, greed, and don't get me started with conspiracy theories aka reality. TV mind controlling fear programming,🥴 fast food instant gratification, and programmed pop culture. A government that wants the people just smart enough to pay taxes, just addicted and numbed enough to stay sovern. 🤢

That's why I started Everything Holistic to offer people (especially other Entrepreneurs) solutions to truly and deeply heal. Really heal like I learned how, to get health and spiritual freedom back. 🧚‍♀️

I invite you if you're interested to like my business page Everything Holistic that is helping more people heal everyday in a way that addresses the root cause of pain and suffering that I feel really great about offering. Thanks for your time!


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My Signature LIMITLESS Program

A 6 Month Private Mentorship program where I assist business owners to mazimize business revenue and productivity

Gain the Reiki Level 1 and 2 Holy Fire Practitioner certification. This gives you the attumenet for  healing at a distance and in person to yourself and others for LIFE!

Receive healing with the Japanese technique that sends universal life for energy to your energy body to balance and relax your aura 

Your vibe attracts your tribe! Hang out with others who are on a healing journey and have unlimited access to remote/live yoga classes, nutrition guides, workout app, kakao ceremony, group Reiki healing sessions, and live guided mediations. 


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Happy Clients

My Achievement.

After more that 2 years of offering holistic self healing practices I've done a thing or two and watch sooo many lives uplevel and grow beyond their wildest imagination!

What folks are saying

These testimonies give me all the joy to keep growing and learning! 

May 16, 2021

I'd never guess you are a small town girl. You sound like someone who should be teaching in bigger venues.

I see you living what you say, it's not just words. It's not for money.. it's the real you..

You're both great role models for young, and even us older women

Wanda Foster

Retired DST4

March 11, 2021

I have had both in person as well as virtual reiki sessions with Valerie. I love her energy. She is such a ray or light. She is professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her services! I’ve only had phenomenal experiences with her.

I am getting reiki attuned by her next month and I’m so excited! In addition to being a yoga instructor and reiki master, she shares her passion for health and healing by assisting new reiki practitioners on their journeys too!

Alicia Saddoris

Passion Purpose Play

January 16, 2021

I feel so blessed to have come across Valerie Hogenson and this community of people looking to make positive changes in their health and fitness. I have learned so much from her. Starting with my water intake, my mental wellness with Reiki, tracking my food intake and being more aware of what I put into my body and recognizing how my body feels. I like to let her know often, how much I appreciate her. She is that extra boost of positive energy that I needed to get here. She is doing her hearts desire and that is what I want. I want to be independent of a J.O.B. I want to know my own worth and just go for it. My toes are on the edge, and I'm looking down at the world. I can feel the fear melting away, one day at a time. 

Tracy Nelson

Prosperity For Life

Wednesday 16, 2017

Thank you Valerie Hoagenson for being such and Incredible Light in my life & for showing me all of your Incredible gifts. You introduced me to all of this & you are such an Incredible Reiki Healer.

Heather Roundtree

Unshackled Nutrition

My Clients.

I have watched several self employed, part time, and corporate business owners heal so they could continue to improve their performance and revenue to build stronger communities, business, and legacy.

My Work.

Over the past  years I went from being a Reiki Master to becoming a yoga teacher and nutrition coach and a Fly Ceremonial Drinking Kakao Ceremony facilitator,  Click any of the links below to get into any of these SWEET offerings! 

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I would love to see how I maybe best able to assist you to deeper self healing to carry out your lifes pourpose and mission.

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